The Historic Weatherford Hotel

Imagine coming to Flagstaff in 1900 to engage in the local commerce and you register at the three story Hotel Weatherford. Zane Grey wrote stories about this Hotel and today it is a fully restored experience that takes you back to "yesteryear".

Welcome to the Historic Weatherford Hotel in Downtown Flagstaff, an iconic establishment for guests to experience lodging, food and beverage and history.

Feel the unique vibe with a historic touch as you journey from the past to the present. Sam Green and Henry Taylor have restored this property and offer a great tour experience for your group. Originally finished in 1900 and continually being refinished since 1975.

The third floor, Zane Greys Ballroom, was developed first and opened in 1997, in preparation for the reconstruction of the balconies. The first stage of reconstruction the wrap-around porches was completed in December, 1998. In the building’s basement, The Gopher Hole was opened in 2014, recreating an original club that occupied that space. This initiated the complex engineering feat of reinforcing the interior floors of the entire building. In June 2016, the remainder of the restoration of the structure of the building was completed with stacking steel posts and beams through the first and second floors, and the building became fully operational with the restoration of 17 hotel rooms.

These rooms retain the original claw-foot tubs, showers, and other fixtures. Downstairs in the lobby, the ceiling was restored o its original height of 19 feet, with a new concierge desk replacing the 1930’s mezzanine floor reception area. A new Victorian-style staircase was built, returning the entrance of the hotel to its original grandeur.

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